Prodifruits company in figures

In France, 2 million tonnes of apples are harvested each year. Benefiting from a sunny climate which is conducive to fruit growth, the PACA region represents 25% of apple production in France.

Prodifruits has 200 hectares of orchards operated by 22 producers, with an annual production of 9500 tonnes of apples.

hectares of orchards


tons of apples produced every year

production de pommes gala et granny smith

A diversified production

These include the apple crop varieties: Golden, Gala and Granny Smith which offer sweet and juicy flavours, as well as an apple full of character, the Reinette Grise du Canade, with its more complex sweet flavour. Varieties from around the world are also produced, such as Braeburn (New Zealand), Fuji (Japan) and Red (USA).

pommes granny smith